At Lexus, we are deeply committed to the environment and to the future.

One key area we are constantly working on is the development of luxury hybrid technology. Our signature full hybrid vehicles provide unsurpassed energy-efficiency, without sacrificing performance. It's all just part of our commitment to constantly innovate and minimise our environmental impact.

Cleaner processes for a cleaner future

We are keenly aware of the way our actions today will affect future generations. That's why we're constantly working to make our manufacturing processes more efficient, cleaner and safer.

In recent years, we have made considerable reductions to our water usage, waste and scrap material. And when it comes to recycling, we are on target to achieve a 95% recovery rate of our vehicles by 2015. That means all but a tiny 5% of materials will be recovered and recycled, and later reused in helping create even better Lexus vehicles in the future.

Hybrid and beyond

Our dedication to the environment also goes well beyond hybrid technology.

We have dramatically improved fuel efficiency and reduced emissions with innovations like VVT-i, direct injection, lightweight alloy engines and advanced transmissions.

The latest computer-modelling techniques have enabled us to design bodies that are lighter in weight - without compromising strength.

Furthermore, we have replaced most of the lead and mercury with environmentally friendlier materials, and we use recyclable advanced plastics in our interiors.

The Lexus Hybrid Drive solution

Our innovative Lexus Hybrid Drive provides superior driving dynamics, class-leading efficiency and low emissions. It's this balance between performance and environmental sensitivity that delivers a driving experience that is an absolute thrill.

You'll experience a smoother and quieter drive, with an instant response that defies its status as an 'economy' solution. When more power is needed, the petrol engine and high output electric motors combine to deliver dramatic acceleration rivalling far thirstier conventional vehicles.