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Richard Stokes

Richard Stokes

Richard has joined Lexus of Hobart following 12 years at Toyota Motor Corporation Australia where the organisational values of respect for people & continuous improvement have become a lifelong personal pursuit.  The Lexus philosophy of  “treating everyone, whether it be customers or staff, as if they are guests in your own home” is closely linked to those values & one that Richard believes is vital to ensure that the Lexus brand continues to grow in Tasmania.
It is Richard’s goal that Lexus of Hobart create a customer experience that is unrivaled in the luxury car industry.

Brendan Kime - Sales Manager

Brendan joined Lexus of Hobart's sales team in August 2018, after 14 years with our company in the Service Department. 

Brendan dedicates himself to providing the Lexus 'experience' our clients have come to know and love.
The modern day industry is a constantly evolving place, through training and research Brendan commits himself to our pursuit of providing unmatched customer experience to Hobart drivers - both whilst searching for the perfect car and through the entire ownership of a Lexus vehicle. 

Nigel Miles - Service Manager

Nigel has been with Co-Operative Motors Pty Ltd since commencing his apprenticeship as a Technician back in 1984! Progressing throughout the years and the company and now resides as the Parts and Service Manager for Lexus and Toyota. Nigel has always had the philosophy that if you can come to work and enjoy yourself – you don’t mind turning up. He continues to promote that philosophy every day of the week and mentor his staff accordingly!
Creates a Great Team! – 1T1D (one team one dream) Exceptional Customer Service is what Nigel prides himself on, aligning with the Lexus philosophy of 'The Relentless Pursuit Of Perfection!' Over my 34 years in the Industry – I have seen an evolution of the motor industry evolve accordingly with the latest technology and more importantly the Lexus brand which always aspires into the next evolution of the motor industry!

Ali White - Sales Executive/Brand Development

Ali was thrilled to join the Lexus team midway through 2018 in the role of customer experience manager, she has since moved into sales and brand development.
Joining the team with a background in motorcycle sales and finance & insurance, Ali has a real passion for the automotive industry and delivering a positive experience for Lexus guests. She believes it’s the little things that make the big difference.
As a well-known local performer Ali is a regular fixture in the dance scene of Tasmania featuring in stage shows and musicals and has loved splashing her creative flare into the social scene of Lexus of Hobart and creating amazing events for Lexus guests.